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Ministry Leaders

Children & Youth Ministry – Vanessa Roach, Daphne Copeland, Michelle Dennis & Arielle Wilson-Garrett

Deacons Ministry – Deacon John Lewis

Evangelism Leaner Webster

Food Gatherers Pantry – Support Ministry Members

Hospitality Ministry – Elaine Lewis

Liturgical Dance Ministry – Vanessa Roach

Mothers Ministry – Mother Carrie Bell Smith

Music Ministry – Doristine Evans

Nurses Ministry – Sharon Hall

Pastor’s Aide Ministry – Daphne Copeland

Sunday School Ministry – Deacon James Bunton

Support Ministry – Sharon Shelton

Triumphant Praise Team – Vanessa Roach

Trustees Ministry – Deacon Craig Shelton

Ushers Ministry – Dorothy Barnes-Long

Women’s Ministry – First Lady Antoinette Wilson

Pastor's Cabinet


​Associate Ministers

Chairman of Deacon Ministry

Chairman of Trustee Ministry

Sunday School Superintendent

Minister of Music


Rev. Keith D. Wilson, Sr


Rev. Lillie B. Granderson

Minister Shirley Lay

Rev. Roger Merritt

Minister Mary Philpot


Deacon John Lewis

Deacon Willie B. Smith (co-chair)


Deacon Craig Shelton


Deacon James Bunton


Sister Doristine Evans  


Sister Jan Penn

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